Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Best Episodes From Every Season of Supernatural

Season One

As I've said in numerous posts, I like characters with a vulnerable side. The entire story arc of the first two seasons of this show involve Sam's visions and the question of what they might mean. It's a frightening and sometimes painful experience for him, and it makes for powerful television. At least for me. This episode is not the first one to explore Sam's visions, but I consider it the best.

Season Two

Oh my, how hard it was to pick the best episode from season two! It is by far my far my favorite season of the entire series, with so many creepy and intensely emotional episodes to choose from. But at the end of the day I have to go with Heart because it actually succeeded in making me cry, something I don't do easily. To understand this episode you must have watched the first two seasons in their entirety, otherwise its emotional impact will be lost on you. When you know where "the road so far" has carried Sam and Dean up until this point, you can almost feel what they are feeling in the final scene of this episode. I think it is my favorite of the series as a whole.

Season Three

Mystery Spot
It was just as hard to pick one from season three as it was to pick one from season two, but for a different reason. If season two was my favorite, season three was...well...not. It just seemed a bit of a let down after the earth shattering events that came before it. There were really no episodes that stood out as being great. Of course that's just my opinion, but it did make choosing one from this season difficult. I'm going with Mystery Spot because it had a good mix of drama and humor. It also paid tribute to Groundhog Day, and who doesn't love that?

Season Four

When the Levee Breaks
If you are part of the Supernatural fandom, then you know that there are Sam girls and Dean girls. I'm definitely more of a Sam girl, so an episode all about Sam...yeah, I'm totally there.

Season Five

Swan Song
The season five finale. If you've watched the show then you know how powerful this episode is. If you haven't I won't give spoilers.

Season Six

The Man Who Knew Too Much
Again we're exploring Sam's vulnerable side. Yes, please.

Season Seven

The Born-Again Identity
This was my absolute least favorite season of the show. The leviathan story arc was boring at best. Most of the time it was just plain annoying. But the season did have some high points, at least for a Sam girl who likes strong male characters with a vulnerable side. So if you're me, then The Born-Again Identity is the best episode from season seven.

Season Eight

In season eight the show seems to reclaim a little of the glory of its early years. The leviathans are finally gone (thank goodness) and the new story arc is much more engaging. Some episodes also return somewhat to the creepy atmosphere of the first few seasons. And then there are the hugs. There have been whole blog posts and hosts of YouTube videos devoted entirely to the number of times Sam and Dean hug in season eight. It all culminates in the finale, which is my pick for the best episode of this season.

Season Nine

Do You Believe in Miracles
Another season finale, and one of the few times I was more moved by Dean's storyline than by Sam's. Again, I won't give any spoilers, just watch it. But watch the rest of the season first because if you don't knew where the characters have been you won't fully appreciate what happens to them in this episode.

Season Ten

The Things We Left Behind
There are Sam girls and there are Dean girls, but Castiel has his fair share of fans as well. Normally I'm not one of them, but I did enjoy the journey his character takes in this episode. It also ties up a loose end from an earlier season, and I like it when shows do that.

Season Eleven

Safe House
I have really been enjoying season eleven. If the return to the creepy atmosphere of the early years began in season eight, it seems to be in full swing now. I chose Safe House as my favorite episode because it actually scared me. I haven't found an episode of Supernatural scary since season one. Good job, writers and directors!

What About You?

You've got all my favorites. What are yours? Feel free to leave a comment and let me know!

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