Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Personalities We Don With the Hats We Wear

We all perform various roles in society. We have our personal lives, professional lives, family lives, etc. With each one comes a different set of responsibilities, and sometimes a whole different set of personalities as well. Here are just a few of the identities I assume in my daily life. This is really just for fun.

When I'm At Home With My Family

What are we going to eat tonight? Why can't we all agree on a movie to watch? Why am I the only person who can locate a sock? Will everyone just be quiet for...I don't know...five minutes?

When I'm Dancing

Holy crap my legs are tired! Humans were not made to move this way! Why am I doing this to myself? Oh...check me out in the mirror! I look like a ballerina! Oh, I'm so pretty! I love dancing!

When I'm Writing

Nobody talk to me! I'm in the zone! Just leave me alone until I'm ready to be around people again!

When I'm Reaching Out to Members of My Spanish Conversation Group on Meetup

Come to me, oh my children, for I am gentle and have wisdom to impart.

When I'm Teaching an Exercise Class

Similar to me leading the Spanish Conversation Group, only with a little "Come and get your butts kicked!" thrown in just for fun.

When I'm Contacting Bloggers About Reviewing My Book

Greetings, ye gods of the blogosphere. I do not deserve a book review from you. You are great and I am nothing more than a worm. Less than a worm. I am the microbe you tried to kill with your antibacterial hand soap. I deserve to be killed because I am the lowest of the low. But if you, out of the kindness that I know resides in your heart, would consider a review of my book, I will be forever  in your debt.

When I'm Sharing My Blog

Hello world! I'm awesome! Everybody should be reading my blog because I'm freaking awesome! Just one little click and your mind will be blown! Reading my blog is a truly life changing experience! You don't want to miss this unique opportunity to see the inner workings of my great mind!

Those are a few of mine. What about you? What various identities do you find yourself morphing into on a daily basis?

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