Sunday, August 19, 2018

My Identity in My Favorite Fictional Universes

Harry Potter

Of course I have to start with Harry Potter. Finding our true Hogwarts house is so popular, it's almost replaced Myers-Briggs as the preferred way to define our personalities. And my personality? I'm a Ravenclaw. Reading is my idea of an exciting way to spend a Friday night. I yearned to be the teacher's pet when I was in school. Research is one of my favorite ways to have fun. Put me in a big enough library and you may never see me again. Get me going on a good nerd-talk session and good luck getting me to shut up. Before Harry Potter came along, I just called myself a nerd. Now I say "Ravenclaw". It sounds so much cooler. 


The factions in the Divergent books bear a striking similarity to the Hogwarts houses. And if I'm a Ravenclaw in the Potter universe, obviously I'm Erudite in the world of Divergent. I was so disappointed when they turned out to be the bad guys. I mean, come on! Nerds aren't evil. Just because we're quiet and like to keep to ourselves doesn't mean we're plotting the world's destruction. Well, at least most of us aren't.


This was the first fictional universe I identified with. Can you guess who I am? Who is the Ravenclaw on Friends? Ross, probably, and I may have a little bit of him in me (my children say I have his habit of droning on and on when discussing topics nobody else cares about), but in my heart of hearts I'm totally Monica. Okay, I'm not much of a neat freak, but I do have my specific ways of doing things and get very upset if someone messes up my system. I also have an intense phobia of being late to, well, anything, and I'm driven by this obsessive need to be the best at everything. 

The Big Bang Theory

I'd love to say I'm Leonard. Don't we all want to be Leonard? He's so even tempered and logical and just an all around nice guy. But, alas, I'm nowhere near that well-adjusted. With regard to The Big Bang Theory, I'm really a combination of two characters. Sheldon and Raj. Remember how I said I go on and on about subjects that interest me? One day my kids asked me what a sentence in one of the Harry Potter books meant, and I gave them a full history lesson, beginning with Ancient Egypt and working all the way up to present day. I even drew diagrams on the marker board in my kitchen. It took about twenty minutes to get through all of it. I don't even know if my kids were still listening by the time I was finished. So, yeah, I'd say I have a good bit of Sheldon in me. But I also have a fair degree of social anxiety, which can get pretty intense in certain situations, bearing a strong resemblance to Raj's inability to talk to girls (in the early seasons). 

Okay, your turn. Do you know your Hogwarts house? Do you have fictional characters you feel are mirror images of your own personality? Let me know in a comment. 

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